Christian Worldview and Philosophy to Education

Do you see the world from God's point of view?

Every Teacher must develop a philosophy to education. On any application, speaking engagement, personal interview, or casual conversation – people will ask what makes your teaching style distinct from the rest?  As a Christian, unequivocally, we must stand firm in the truth of God’s Truth.

Creating a personal philosophy for education will benefit in several ways:

1.  A Christ Centered plan for curriculum and lesson planning.
2.  A purifying filter for all content used in your teaching environment
3.  Appropriate pedagogical methods for the students.
4.  A living example of the teacher mentor to the impressionable student.
The list above is not exhaustive.  Those who are seriously considering teaching as a profession would be wise to create a one pager describing their teaching philosophy, preferably one that has a perspective from the Master Teacher himself, Jesus Christ.

My Philosophy to Education:

I am reminded of my first class in my doctoral studies, Philosophical issues in educational studies.  I wish I can submit my personalized diagram of William Frankena’s 5 Boxes for a model of Christian Philosophy of Education.  First, I believe in the Creator, the Triune God who created reality, both material and immaterial.  Second, through His creation, He reveals His absolute Truths to man so that we can come to know Him more.  Third, He created man in His own image with the abilities to rationally think, experience, and communicate to Him and others.  Finally, God actively works with man’s pursuit for the excellent life; he grows in mental capacities and cultivates good character so that from his inner desire, he seeks to please God through his life.

As a Christian Educator, I must always remember this foundational Christian worldview.  I am to aid the student in realizing his purpose in accordance to God’s redemptive plan for his life.  Whether the student becomes a doctor or an engineer, he is to pursue his academic studies and career with excellence in mind so that the student will have an impact for God’s Kingdom.  My objective with the student is to prepare him for the world where he can directly engage his employer, colleagues, and ministry intelligently and, most importantly, spiritually.  Christian students should be encouraged to elevate to the top of their profession, wherever it may be, and indirectly reveal the power that works within them, who gave them a Christian mind to excel.  Through their life, their character shines bright before their colleagues, so “that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven” (Mat 5:16).

Because I believe so deeply in a Christian Worldview that is counter to our relativist culture, I attended graduate studies in the disciplines of Education and Leadership at evangelical seminaries of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and Biola’s Talbot Seminary.   I highly value a classroom environment where God is always present; students exist in an interpersonal community of learning; and teachers guide the student to find their calling through academic engagement.  In addition, I enjoyed the professors who encouraged me to critically think and make a stance on my own convictions.  I was not manipulated into conforming to their core beliefs, but rather promoted to participating with God through learning foundational truths.

Finally, the teaching methods of choice would be mixed and diverse.  All discoveries lead to the wonderful truth of God’s perfect design.  Almost all the time, practical application will be encouraged outside of the classroom so the student will have a chance to practice his newly found insights within an open system.  A holistic integration of practical experiences will accompany the theoretical classroom lessons.  I also value the importance of a personal mentoring relationship with the student and teacher. The teacher is not only concerned about the student’s academic achievements, but also looks to create opportunities where the student can easily seek out his teacher as a mentor for guidance in life challenges.  Although this might not be realistic to accommodate a huge classroom, every effort on the teacher should be made to cultivate this nurturing environment.

All these values and goals can only be achieved by the working power of our Triune God.  Jesus Christ is the master model teacher seen biblically in scriptures, and the Holy Spirit illuminates the teacher and student in their journey together in discovering truth.


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