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Orchestrating for His Glory

Passion and reason are a powerful combination. David Platt brings both of these to assist us in directing our attention to the one and only worthy of glory. Read more at Musica TheologicaImage.


Extend Gods Glory

church missionDavid Platt gave a wonderful sermon explaining why we were created. As a designer this message touched my heart and compelled a design. Lets us multiply Gods image and extend his to all the nations. If you would like to listen or watch the message:

How is God Calling you?

How is God Calling you?

I am so glad that this semester I will be working with future missionaries for the Gospel.  For this term Spring 2012, at California Baptist University OPS program,  I have the privilege of teaching 25 sharp, energetic individuals who want to make a difference.  It’s a 300 level course that has a diverse group of students who chose this elective because most of them desire to make a global or local impact for His Calling.

We found out in the first week that God has ONE MISSION (singular).  That is the same one Jesus came and it is the same one Jesus left his disciples (Matt 28:18-20, Acts 1:8, Mark 16:15).  With that, He Extends His Grace to His elected loved ones, so that we may Extend His glory to ends of the world.

Missions (plural) is our specific manifestation of how we may specifically reach this final outcome.  For you it may be global, for me it may be local.  For you it may be China, for me it may be south central inner city.  We have missions that drive towards the Mission.  Ultimately God is the Source, Initiator, and Finale of Mission.

Why am I writing all this?  It’s because I get to teach a class that I am passionate about.  It’s everything good about those who desire to teach.  We teach from experiences, passion, and of course the content will always be there.  Piper probably has better content than me.  Platt has more mission trips then we can count.  But how can I foster a Mission oriented class that will provide these students a transformational experience?  I offer “Connections”.    For my life mission is “to assist those who assist the kingdom”.  I want to connect them to as many contacts, people, and resources for them to Extend His Glory.  That’s the task, and I am looking forward to watch the transformation.

Past Summer Mission Experience:

I too had a global experience – Ghana, Africa.  Where we visited the Village of Hope (orphanage and school of 250).  My dear friend was the contact, and invited our college group over from church.  I think words will never express, but here are some highlights:

1.  Our missionary Blog  from the church Serve Ghana 2011

2.  “Voice of Hope” club singing through a slideshow of daily life

and more…

4.  Our Final  Debriefing Luncheon back home

It was one of the best 2 weeks of my life… more to come for the class…..

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