Cosecha (Spanish Ministry) Harvest Christian Fellowship

Intercultural Church Service

I went to Cosecha on a Sunday night service. Cosecha is a branch of Harvest Christian Fellowship, a Calvary Chapel. This was special service for the church that I had the privilege to be a part of, I am in Women’s Choir at cbu and we went to sing for them.

We learned two Spanish songs for the night and it ending up turning into an amazing worship night. When we got there, everyone was so welcoming even though there was a language barrier. The pastor gave a mini message to go along with our songs even though I did not understand any of it I was able to get what he was saying from the meaning of our songs, which constantly declare that God has won the victory and He deserves all the glory. One song we sing is the revelation song, a very well known song. It is one of the songs we changed to Spanish. When everyone was singing along it gave me a glimpse of how Heaven will be, with every tongue and nation praising the same Living God. It’s amazing how I went to this church to be used by God, and I was, but I was also blessed too. Even though I didn’t know what the Spanish words meant and the church didn’t know what the English songs were saying God brought us all together. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all and I think it’s because of the greatest similarity we all had, the love for Christ.

I was so nervous that the songs we sung in English were not going to be received well but like the Spanish songs, the congregation sang a long. The coolest part was when we sang the songs in Spanish they sang in Spanish. Songs that I already love that really speak to me blessed me even more because the congregation could praise God in their own language.

The night of our concert it was raining horribly, the church had planned an outdoor BBQ, the way the church worked together really taught me what a heart of service looks like. That’s something I should work on at home and at church. Everyone worked together to set up the food inside and move all the tables and chairs into the youth room. What amazed me the most is the congregation saw that there was a problem and just fixed it without having to be asked. After the church service we were able to fellowship with congregation by eating together (btw the food was incredible), which was my favorite part. Roughly, for every table there was someone who could translate. We got to know the congregation and really invest. I made lots of friends and learned some Spanish.

Below is the link to my Choir singing that night.


About evelynpatricia

I am a sinner thankful for the grace and mercy of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am college student with the intention of become a english (ESL) teacher over seas. My heart is set on sharing the Truth. I wish to be used for the Glory of God and that my life will be in continual praise of My God. I am not perfect, but everyday I strive to look more like Christ.

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