My eperience at a Church of a different language

April 18, 2012

I went to crossroads Church in Corona on April 15 2012. I attended the 11 am Spanish Service. The service was in the smaller older building called the Plex With about a hundred people.It was crazy stepping out of my boundaries and sitting through a sermon in a different language. I knew partially what was going on but for the most part I did not understand the message It was Kind of overwhelming just because they speak so fast and even though I know a Little Spanish I could not make it out. I know the service was on Matthew and the worship was very upbeat and even though it was in Spanish I could understand and follow along becuase they sounded familiar. The Pastor Noe spoke with Passion The part that taught me the most was seeing the people who were learning the same truths from the Bible and being transformed by it but in a completely different language. It definitely had a major impact on changing my perspective on the urgency of unreached people groups. This is because I sat there thinking about how many other languages there must be spoken in California, or in Riverside for that matter and the unreached people groups attached to these languages. There I was in a mega church that only offered two languages. Not to Criticize the Church but it just opened up my eyes to the Bubble I have been living in while going to my Primarily  Caucasian Church Services obviously spoken in English while there are o many people all around me who cannot get God’s word as easily as I can because their language is the minority. It was also awesome to see the power God’s word has no matter what language.


About mathewpuig

I am a JR at Cal Baptist university, I play waterpolo and my major is biology

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