As the Hart Panteth: Darrin Patrick’s take on the “Missional Church”

I just recently listened to a training session facilitated by Darrin Patrick (Vice President of the Acts 29 church planting network) which I loved. Patrick’s goal is to help church planters and pastors effectively impact their cities in a “Post-Christian” world. He taught the seminar using personal examples (both positive and negative) from his own past, which provided a powerful witness to the effectiveness of the methods he was propounding. He was gospel centered, and he caused me to think deeply about the way that my own church is organized. What are we doing to be an “incarnational witness” to our community? 

Read more… As the Hart Panteth: Darrin Patrick’s take on the “Missional Church”.


About Kevin Nguyen

I am a Vietnamese-Texan Who doesn’t love both Pho and BBQ? And this is where I shall start… Introductions to Kevin Nguyen. Let me go ahead and introduce myself as best I can. My “Called” Name (what you go by): Legal name: Anh-Khoa Nguyen. Nickname: Kevin. Personal family name: Khoa (qua) Nationality: Vietnamese-Texan Kevin was picked up when I was trying to order pizza from Pizza Hut while in Texas. The guy asked how to spell my name. I mean, how hard is it to spell “K – H – O – A”, right? Those are not hard letters to hear over the phone. After several attempts – I couldn’t take it anymore — “Dude, my name is Kevin”. Finally, I can have my pizza. READ MORE here...

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