The Life Of A Sweet Spirit: Rethink: You Are Now Entering the Mission Field?!!!?

Rethink: You Are Now Entering the Mission Field?!!!?

This Sermon by Darrin Patrick really opened my eyes to how a church needs to be missional in and of itself. So many times, and I mean so many, we go into a church and experience it as a place for believers only. So many times the pastor speaks to us but forgets the mission of spreading the gospel to the non believers who may be in your church on any given Sunday. So many times we leave churches seeing this sign above and feel so on fire to share the gospel with the world. It is inspiring. However, if our church is not missional on a Sunday what makes us think that it will function as a missional church throughout the rest of the week? We are entering the mission field when walking into our churches as well. We never know who will be there listening or struggling or hungry for something more. A church without presenting the gospel every Sunday is what would be called an unhealthy church. So many times we think that Salvation is about us and that church is about us, but is it really? It is all about God, the glorious sacrifice His Son made many years ago, and producing worshippers of His holy Name. We never know who will walk through our doors on any given Sunday so we really need to be prepared to let our churches on a Sunday be a place of welcome, refuge, love, and the gospel message.

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