One bad apple; How sin affects the whole bunch « Sweetly broken, wholly surrendered

One bad apple; How sin affects the whole bunch « Sweetly broken, wholly surrendered

Tasked with reviewing a sermon by pastor Ligon Duncan entitled The Adultery Test covering Numbers 5: 11-31, I was not sure what to expect or how it fit in with the Biblical narrative. Duncan successfully painted a picture for me of the timeline, both historical and Biblical, allowing me to put the passage into its proper context.  The verses addressed took place after the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt during the time of Moses after he handed down God’s laws at Mount Sinai. The Israelites were camped out in the wilderness at a time when they would have been familiar with the idea of trials by ordeal designed to prove one’s innocence as these trials were commonplace among other people at the time. They would have been a captive audience having just incurred the wrath of God by creating a golden calf to worship and as punishment having to drink the ground up dust of their idol (Exodus 32: 26-29). They would have immediately recognized the significance as the woman drinks dust from the tabernacle floor mixed with holy water.

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