Gospel Doctrine: Prophets of the Old Testament (Timeline & Chart)

Gospel Doctrine: Prophets of the Old Testament (Timeline & Chart)

Thank you from another blog… Gospel Doctrine: Prophets of the Old Testament (Timeline & Chart)

“Here’s a timeline and a chart that I made of the prophets of the Old Testament. It shows how each prophet fits into the storyline of Scripture. The dates are based on John Walton’s Survey of the Old Testament. (Click to enlarge)”.

Then I found another timeline from this website, www.tonywatkins.co.uk/christian/bible-christian/old-testament-timelines.  It does an excellent job of overlaying all the dates, kings, prohpets, and book of the OT in chronological sequence.  There are 4 slides as you click through them.  Enjoy.



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5 responses to “Gospel Doctrine: Prophets of the Old Testament (Timeline & Chart)”

  1. intelligentchristianfaith says :

    You have some great charts. Do I have your permission to reproduce them for use in my Bible classes (which I teach)?

    • K Nguyen says :

      Absolutely! I used it for my Bible class as well. Share away, albeit I can’t take credit for making it. It was a slide I found somewhere online, which I cited in my blog.

  2. Sharon says :

    This is the most comprehensive OT prophet timeline chart I have ever found. Thank you! When I ran it off I also put the books as they appear in the Bible below the timeline. It is so weird how they are all mixed up! Must have been meant to be, however … :o)

  3. Tony Watkins says :

    Hi Kevin, thanks so much for including my OT charts in this post! It’s great that people find them useful.

    I’m gradually getting them translated into other languages. Spanish and Italian are up on Slideshare (http://www.slideshare.net/tonywatkins/tag/old-testament), and German and Portuguese will be available soon.

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