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How Laziness Makes Excuses | Life of a Steward

How Laziness Makes Excuses

Ran across this verse in my devotion. Interesting fact on time management and not making the most of our time.  Kind of woke me up from my “excuses” on not finishing my studies…

Laziness Makes Excuses

Proverbs 26:13, ‘The sluggard says, “There is a lion in the road! There is a lion in the streets!”’

It’s tempting for us to read through Proverbs with the general idea that it outlines good and bad behavior. Anything mentioned under “fool, scoffer, sluggard” would be things we are not to emulate.

But think more deeply about what the Bible says about motivations. There’s a gold mine of wisdom when we think about the subtle connections the Bible makes.

Why a Sluggard?

John Piper talks about this in a great blog post (highly recommended read).

In Proverbs 26:13, the sluggard is expressing his fear about going outside – an irrational and fabricated fear of being slain by a lion.  This timid and scared man could be called a coward and a liar – but that’s not what the scriptures point out. He is labeled a sluggard.  Why is there a connection between being a sluggard and being afraid?  It’s because this man is obviously inventing excuses to rationalize his laziness. Laziness creates lies that we tell to ourselves and others.

Read more here… How Laziness Makes Excuses | Life of a Steward.

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