Why “Messy” Could Be the Best Word to Live By This Year | UnTangled

… from an excerpt of Dr. Kelly Flanagan’s blog Why “Messy” Could Be the Best Word to Live By This Year | UnTangled.

Hiding from Failure

Last week, an old friend posted a question to her Facebook wall. She asked, “What things keep you from pursuing the things you are most passionate about?” There were 37 comments and the most common response was, “Fear of failure.” 

Failure is messy: it reveals our weakness and limitations and brokenness. And we are afraid of having our imperfections exposed. We would prefer to cover over our cracks and maintain a seamless facade. Meanwhile, inside, we compare ourselves to those around us—those who appear to have it all together—and we act as our own judge and jury.

Except we don’t hand down a guilty verdict; we hand down a verdict of shame. We equate our failures with a lack of value and the absence of beauty.

And the only reasonable response is to hide, quit, bury, never try, and certainly never risk failure

We become paralyzed by the fear of our own mess…

read more… Why “Messy” Could Be the Best Word to Live By This Year | UnTangled.


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