The Last Ten Minutes

By Gary McIntosh May. 3, 2013

Recently a number of people who had visited a church for the first time were asked what made the biggest impression on them, and what influence it had on their decision to go back the following week?  Can you guess the #1 (by far) issue that impressed (or depressed) visitors?  It was…“The friendliness of the people.”  Over and over again this was mentioned.  Regardless of denominational affiliation, attractiveness of the facilities, eloquence of the preacher, breadth of the program, or quality of the music…visitors seem to be most impressed with friendliness.

So, how do visitors determine the “friendliness” of a church?  The answer is simple, yet insightful.  Visitors determine the friendliness of a church—of your church—by the number of people who talk with them!  That’s it.  Simple, but significant! So, here are two visitor formulas you’ll want to remember:

Many conversations = friendly church.

Few or no conversations = unfriendly church.

When did guests conclude that the church they visited was, or was not, a friendly church?  The answer may surprise you.  Read more here

The Last Ten Minutes


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