Working with Opinion Leaders and Innovators: Dave Travis

Thank you, Dave Travis, CEO of Leadership Network.   I, personally, have had the privilege to speak with this church leader sage on a few occasions.  Here’s an interesting read on describing the movers and shakers inside your organization.   Read on…

One of the best ways to introduce change in your network of churches is by working through opinion leaders. This view was popularized by Everett Rogers , best known for his categories of innovativeness (see graphic below). The second group on this continuum are the early adopters, a category that contains the most opinion leaders.

Opinion leaders are known for adopting an innovation at just the right time. They are not the actual innovators, but they adopt the new idea more quickly than others. Rogers emphasizes that opinion leaders have to be one or two steps ahead of their followers, but not miles ahead as the true innovators often are. Innovators jump many times from innovation to innovation, but early adopters work through the innovation to systematize and grow an idea.

Read the rest of the article and watch the interview at the Leadership Network website: Click Here


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