Electric Cars Need Gas?

I believe every moment could be a life learning lesson.  Yes, even the bad, embarrassing ones.  On this particular Sunday afternoon, God made sure I learned a couple of lessons that are probably going to be a sermon illustration very shortly!  Below, I wrote 2 sections: 1) The Epic Story & 2) the Learning Lesson.  Go head and skip the story if you want to glean the golden nuggets of wisdom God wanted to teach me.


On this particular Sunday afternoon, it was Daddy and Khoi time.  We had finished an especially long weekend at church filled with festivities.  My 6-year old son and I were heading home for lunch and a nap.  And then it happened…



I had been driving my electric-hybrid car all weekend on “EMPTY”.  Subconsicusly, I wanted to know how long can a hybrid go with the blinking “E” light.  Ok, maybe not.  Half-way home, I lost power to the gas pedal.  Uh oh… I think I can coast this one to the closest gas station.  Then, I had to stop at the red light with cars behind me and of course the there was no more power to the gas pedal.  Cars were honking, and Khoi was asking, “Daddy, why aren’t we going?”  I already know what my wife would have said, “Why didn’t you fill up when you had the chance?  Why do you run it down all the way….”

Next, I did what every other man would do when he runs into a problem.  Just turn it off, and start it up again!  As if this solution fixed every IT tech support problem with modems, routers, DirecTV boxes, and laptop computer issues.  YES, the car switched over to the battery, and I was able to move again out of the ensuing cars coming at me in the intersection.  But luck doesn’t run in my family, and the car lost power again as I was costing into the next turn into a parking lot.


As you can tell from this picture, the car didn’t have enough power to even coast into the parking spot.  I had to push it the rest of the way.  (My son was no help).

img_3490Helped arrived with my dear friend, DJ, and we ended up going to the local Wal-mart for a 2-gallon gas container.  Then, off to the 7-11 for gas.  We drove back to the car and filled it up…. NOTHING afterwards.  Car wouldn’t start.  Then, we had a bright idea to go back and get some more gas at 7-11.  Maybe, 2 gallons wasn’t enough for engine to start up.  Alas, we’re back and I am about to go a 2nd round of emptying the container.

My calm and spiritual friend stayed in the car with my son to say a quick “prayer” for success this time.  Ironically, the sermon message hours ago was about PRAYING.  LOL! And now… take a deep breath… the power on, CAR STARTS!!!!!!!!!!


  • You can go to church, yet your life can still be on EMPTY.
  • Prayer could have been my first option.  
  • Spiritual friends are a GIFT from God, and they always come through.
  • Sometimes, when life problems take a little longer to fix, God’s probably not done speaking to you.  (He has more to say).

What other lessons do you think God wanted to teach me?  Scroll down and Drop a comment below.




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One response to “Electric Cars Need Gas?”

  1. Kevin Nguyen says :

    Cordelia Lo: Another lesson: don’t ignore any warning signs in your life. Don’t procrastinate until the problem gets bigger and harder to fix.

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