Celebrating 10 Years all through 2018

img_5384-700x475January has been a busy month.  My previous entry included a Vision Kick-Off for Saddleback Church.  I wanted to save a recent blog my friend, DJ, ran across on a national website: Juicy Ecumenism.  It was a friendly new year article on “Trashing the Megachurch”.  I found the writer to be playful, factual, and provided some reasonable insights to the mega church phenomenon.  At the same time, he proudly stated his preference for intimate worship styles and concluded with a positive encouragement to his fellow church brothers in larger contexts.  READ THE ARTICLE HERE.

But, that didn’t catch my attention.  The photo (above) was a photo of our home church campus in Irvine, CA.  That’s our stage: people, lights, and me!  At first, I was thinking how did this obscure blogger get our photo?  And, why is he associating our photo with his article on mega-churches? Nevertheless, I took the opportunity to ask my friend to comment on the blog with this below:

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 3.58.25 PM

Never mind the continual dialogue between mega-churches and other churches.  That debate has gone on forever.  God will use ALL churches to reach the entire world.  I’ve been in all sorts of churches ranging in size, ethnicity, geography, socio-economics, multi-generation, house-church, portable-church, church plants, and many more to list.  Guess what… I loved every one of those experiences because they are ALL expressions of God’s creative way of reaching out to his creation whom he loves (John 3:16).


However, I am more interested in what we responded in our new friend’s blog.  2018 is the year we celebrate 10 years of God’s Goodness.  We want to remember our PAST so we can trust in our Future in Him.  He’s been good then, and he’s going to be good now and forever.  He is unchangeable!

So stay tuned… I’ll be posting a series of ways we are going to celebrate God’s goodness all year round…. starting with the news of a NEW BUILDING.  Say what???


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